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Average Prices Reach Record Levels for Charolais Bulls at Stirling

Joe Watson, The Press and Journal, Farming and Fishing


Average prices hit record levels for Charolais bulls at the breed’s first sale in Stirling yesterday.


A string of high four and five figure prices helped lift the average by £123 to a Perth Bull Sale October high of £5,687 for 123.


That is 15 more than last year. The top lines figures, however, hid a sale in which 64 bulls were turned out of the ring unsold. Buyers were discerning, even though they have benefited hugely in recent months from strong store calf prices.


Breed chief executive David Benson was far from despondent and focused on the positives, saying it was a good day for the breed given the shift from autumn to spring-calving herds. He also pointed to many buyers getting particularly good value.


Topping the trade at 26,000gns was the senior champion, Balmyle Dickler, Balmyle, Meigle. He was among the first crop of calves of Sackville Adonis, the bull that Mr Bruce bought for 14,000 gns at Carlisle in 2007 with Drew and Bob Adam, of Newhouse of Glamis, Forfar.


Dickler and four of his half-brothers generated £58,275 for Mr Bruce at yesterday’s sale – more than justifying his cost and giving him a significant return on his initial 7,000gn share. Mr Bruce has 80 cows in his herd and has previously sold Charolais bulls to 31,000gn to 35,000gn.