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Charolais Cattle

Our herd of pedigree Charolais cattle have been bred on the farm since 1969

As traditional farmers, Bruce Farms continues to maintain its own herd of pedigree Charolais cattle which have been bred on the farm since 1969 – shortly after they were first permitted to be imported from France.

The ‘Balmyle’ herd is one of the most prominent in the breed and has topped the society’s premier annual bull sales at Perth (now Stirling) on a number of occasions.

Balmyle Champion sold for a record price of 33,000gns in 1988 and more recently Balmyle Bollenger gained the top price at 30,000gns in 2007. During 2009, Balmyle Dickler topped the sale at 26,000gns and the Balmyle herd had the best average sale price of 9,345gns for 7 bulls sold.

Bulls are sold annually at the societies official sales at Stirling in February and October and also at Carlisle in May. Bulls and breeding females are also regularly sold privately off the farm. The Balmyle Charolais herd is in the SAC Premium Cattle Health Scheme and is blood tested annually for the major diseases. The herd is free of T.B, Johnes Disease and BVD.

All our current stock bulls have EBV’s in the top 1% of the breed and our herd is line bred to Dingle Hofmeister who has established himself as one of the all time leading sires in the breed – 71% of the 89 in calf females are related to him.

Balmyle Eclipse was retained as a stock bull and was overall champion at the Royal Highland Show in 2012.  His first crop of calves are outstanding.

The herd is free of T.B.: Johnes disease: I.B.R:  BVD & Leptospira.

The Bruce Farms Herd

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