Frozen Produce Processing

Dundee Cold Stores Ltd is Scotland’s only remaining large-scale frozen fruit and vegetable processing plant.

An essential part of the nation’s farming infrastructure, we are a valued contributor to the local and national economy.

We are an environmentally responsible company with a firm commitment to the development of sustainable practices.

To increase productivity and efficiency, Dundee Cold Stores Ltd has ploughed significant investment into the plant, a development that has firmly established the business as one of the best vegetable processing factories in the UK.

Dundee Cold Stores Ltd now features three highly efficient processing lines to handle peas and beans.  These can be adapted for other produce as and when required.

Peas and beans continue to fill the bulk of the freezers that can store up to 16,000 pallets.  Quantities of broccoli, meat, fish and soft fruits including raspberries and blackcurrants have also been stored at the plant – all at a temperature of -18oC.


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