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Peas & Beans - Bruce Farms

Peas & Beans

Bruce Farms has been growing peas and broad beans for over 50 years, now producing around half of Scotland’s annual production with the support of almost 200 landowners across Perthshire, Angus and Fife. As the only Independent supplier of peas to Birds Eye, we have invested in technology to guarantee 100% traceability; from seed to harvest, processing to packaging. July to September, our viners work 24 hours a day, with time from harvest to frozen an impressive 150 minutes per load. We work with our farming partners to introduce and include peas, beans and legumes as a valuable ‘’break crop’’, vital for correction of nitrogen levels in soil, and reducing the need for artificial fertilisers.

Listen to Geoff and Neil on BBC Radio 4's Farming Today talking all things broad beans here.

Soft Fruit - Bruce Farms

Soft Fruit

We have been growing soft fruits since 1996, becoming one of the country’s leading producers of delicious Scottish strawberries and raspberries. Our produce can be found in national retailers across the UK. Up to 200 pickers are employed during the summer months to help us deliver the quality produce our customers expect. Open all year round, our Packing Hall is based at the farm where fruit is received, quality-controlled, rapid chilled, packed and stored prior to dispatch.

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Potatoes - Bruce Farms


With planting starting at the end of March, and harvest running until the end of September, our potato crops flourish on both our own farmland and rented farmland across Scotland. All our potatoes are sent to Albert Bartlett in Airdrie to pack and distribute to all the major UK retailers – including Maris Piper and Bartlett’s famous ‘Rooster’ variety. Any potatoes kept beyond harvest are stored in one of five, 2,500 tonne temperature-controlled cold stores.

Cereals - Bruce Farms


Bruce Farms cereals consist of spring barley varieties which are grown in rotation with the farm’s other crops. Our barley is sold for malting for the Scottish whisky industry.

Blackcurrants - Bruce Farms


We have grown blackcurrants since 1981, with the majority of the crop going to Lucozade Ribena Suntory to produce Ribena juices, and we’re proud to be one of only four Scottish farms to supply this global brand. A wide variety of blackcurrants are farmed on 250 acres of land which is harvested between July and August, and made into concentrate within 24 hours. Ribena are partners with the Wildlife Trust and Bruce Farms is proud to support and meet their responsible farming standards.

Charolais Cattle - Bruce Farms

Charolais Cattle

As traditional farmers, Bruce Farms continues to maintain its own herd of pedigree Charolais cattle which have been bred on the farm since 1969 – shortly after they were first permitted to be imported from France. The ‘Balmyle’ herd is one of the most prominent in the breed and has topped the society’s premier annual bull sales at Perth (now Stirling) on a number of occasions, with Balmyle Champion, Balmyle Bollenger, and Balmyle Dickler to name some of our record-breaking bulls. The Balmyle Charolais herd is in the SAC Premium Cattle Health Scheme and is blood tested annually for the major diseases. The herd is free of T.B.: Johnes disease: I.B.R: BVD & Leptospira.

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Strawberries and Raspberries

  • Scotty Brand available in Asda stores throughout the UK
  • Wellocks and Caterite (foodservice distribution) throughout the UK
  • Flour Deli, Meigle for local customers


  • Nationwide distribution via Albert Bartlett – look out for our name on packs in major retailers


  • Nationwide distribution via Birdseye
  • Scotty Brand available in Coop stores throughout Scotland


  • All grown for Ribena